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UNICRE has been experiencing revenue leakage due to various factors such as incorrect billing, uncollected revenues, and fraudulent activities. These issues have resulted in a significant loss of revenue for the company. In addition, UNICRE's current revenue assurance process is manual and time-consuming, making it difficult to identify and resolve issues in a timely manner, since it involves analyzing many different contract rules regarding huge amounts of transactions.


    Unicage´s Revenue assurance automated solution is able to:

  • Monitor revenue streams in real time
  • Detect and prevent revenue leakage due to fraud, system errors, and other issues
  • Improve billing accuracy and reduce billing discrepancies
  • Identify and resolve revenue leakage issues in a timely manner
  • Integrate the solution with the UNICRE's existing systems and processes
  • Improve overall revenue assurance processes

And offers:

  • Access to maintenance and support services
  • Access to staff training program

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