Carlos Cruz
Tokyo Electric Power

KDDI Corporation

May 10, 2023

May 10, 2023


KDDI Corporation is a Japanese telecommunications operator, with 41 Million users, with 42.57 Billion USD revenue. Like many companies in this industry, KDDI faces the risk of declining ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) due to increasing competition and customer churn.


KDDI faces many challenges regarding data integration. Unifying different databases with complementary information that supported information reports with important metrics such as ARPU, has been quite challenging and time consuming. 


Unicage Platform Solution is able to:

  • Link between different databases
  • Effortlessly process massive datasets
  • Maintain the integrity and quality of the data
  • Calculate and monitor ARPU changes
  • Support business decision making
  • Leveraging the company in the market.

And offers:

  • Access to maintenance and support services
  • Access to staff training program

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