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Delta Cafés is a Portuguese coffee roasting and packaging company which is among the top market leaders in the Iberian Peninsula. Contracts are a foundation of any business transaction, and managing them effectively is crucial for the success of any organization. Contract analysis is the process of reviewing and analyzing contracts to identify critical information and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Effective contract analysis can help organizations minimize legal and financial risks, increase operational efficiency, and optimize contractual relationships with vendors and partners.



Delta's administrative departments face various challenges related to managing their investments, registering contracts, and organizing client information. These challenges are common in the retail industry, where multiple data sources can lead to inefficiencies and errors in decision-making.  Delta has been experiencing challenges related to contract management, including difficulties in locating and accessing contracts, managing contract renewal and termination dates, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Delta’s current contract analysis process is manual and time-consuming, making it difficult to identify and address critical issues in a timely manner.


 Unicage´s Contract Analysis solution is able to:

  • Automate contract analysis to improve efficiency and reduce manual effort
  • Identify critical information and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Alert relevant stakeholders of key contract dates and milestones
  • Provide visibility into contract performance and obligations
  • Integrate the solution with Delta's existing systems and processes
  • Improve overall contract management processes
  • Optimized contractual relationships with vendors and partners
  • Reduced legal and financial risks

And offers:

  • Access to maintenance and support services
  • Access to staff training program

“The information analysis system has evolved over time, with the aim of creating reliable data to support and accelerate decision making process for the Organization”

Delta cafés

“And this partnership with Unicage has proved essential for the analysis of the present and future planning, in terms of a data-centric approach of the customer and product “

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